IIMA and VIDES International work together in the Human Rights Council as one voice proclaiming respect and dignity, striving for the promotion and protection of human rights for all.
In this section, you can explore IIMA interventions, including those in collaboration with VIDES, during the different sessions of the Human Rights Council. You can access the text of the oral statements and watch its corresponding video below.​

2017 Statements

2017June HRC/35thItem 3: Migrant YouthIIMA, VIDES

2017June HRC/35thPanel Discussion on unaccompanied migrant children and adolescents and human rightsIIMA, VIDES

2017June HRC/35thITEM 3: YouthIIMA, VIDES

2017June HRC/35thITEM 3: Climate ChangeIIMA, VIDES

2017June HRC/35thITEM 6: UPRCCIG

2017March HRC /34thITEM 3: Empowering Children and Youth for Effective Environmental Social Engagement for the Full Enjoyment of their RightsIIMA, VIDES

2017March HRC /34thITEM 3: Menores migrantes no acompañadosIIMA, VIDES, APG23

2017March HRC /34thITEM 3: Migrant YouthVIDES

2017March HRC /34thITEM 6: UPR outcomes TogoIIMA

2017March HRC /34thITEM 6: UPR outcomes Timor-LesteIIMA, VIDES

2017March HRC /34thITEM 6: UPR outcomes HaitiIIMA

2016 Statements

2016March HRC /31thJoint oral Statement Item 3: Violence against childrenIIMA
2016September HRC/33rdJoint oral Statement Item 3: Empowering Youth for the Realization of Human Rights and the Sustainable Development GoalsIIMAFile too large
2016Thursday, 22 September 2016 33thPanel discussion on youth and human rightsNot availableNot available
2016September HRC/33rdJoint oral Statement Item 5: Unaccompanied Migrant Children and Human RightsIIMANot available

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